Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lesson Plans Based on Your Time

Mendez v. Westminster School District (1947)

Learning Outcomes:
  1. To demonstrate an understanding of the role of the state and federal judiciary in issues of racial equality in relation to educational opportunity prior to the Mendez v. Westminster decision.
  2. To demonstrate an understanding why matters of racial equality and educational opportunity were controversial issues throughout United States history.
If you have half of a day . . .
  • Begin with the activity entitled "Class Discussion Questions." Ask the students to respond to the questions in an open discussion. Simply click on the document to the left and print out copies for the class.
  • Have students read the Los Angeles Times article entitled "Ruling Gives Mexican Children Equal Rights." Click on the article to enlarge for printing. Students will identify the arguments for each side and predict the outcome.
If you have one day . . .
  • Complete all of the activities for the half day.
  • View the Emmy-award winning documentary (30 minutes), "Mendez v. Westminster: For all the Children/Para Todos Los Ninos." Have students complete the "Mendez Film Analysis Worksheet" provided. Click on the two pages and print out copies.
If you have two days . . .
  • Complete all of the activities for the half and first days.
  • View a video on an additional desegregation court case in California. The film is entitled "The Lemon Grove Incident" and is approximately 58 minutes in length. Have students complete the "Lemon Grove Incident Film Analysis Worksheet." The two page worksheet is available to download to the right.
  • Next, have students read and discuss the "Historical Perspective" section in this Blog. Analyze the key points of each segregation court case and its ruling.
If you have three days,
  • Complete all of the activities from the half, first and second days.
  • For homework, have students study one photograph or cartoon from this Blog. Students will complete the "Photo Analysis Worksheet" or "Cartoon Analysis Worksheet" on the photo or cartoon that they choose. The Worksheets can be downloaded and printed at and


geotomer said...

As a Native American, member of a recognized tribe, I am thankful and deeply appreciative of your blog and in-depth knowledge. It's no mystery that our experiences are akin to Hispanic people. We share a broad girth of skin tone, some still speak their non-English language, and we stay true to our community's beliefs, customs, and traditions. Our men - and women starting in WWII - went to wars starting before the Revolutionary War on behalf of America - the dream of America. Thank you for the exceptional histories and memories. George Tomer, Tribal Elder

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